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Magento 2

Magento 2 uses CSS preprocessors to let you develop themes. This is very helpful in a long run but it is challenging to make it work. Also just because it supports multiple theme inheritance, they have a very complex logic to gather the proper static files and they create a lot of symlinks. It allows you to install and upgrade core software and extensions quickly and simply with lower upgrade costs and efforts. Magento 2 includes information on versioning policies, so developers can upgrade to new version easier and Marketplace, with its accessibility in both venture and group renditions have ended up being the best stage for medium or substantial organizations to use for eCommerce counseling, index administration, CRO, PPC and SEO prerequisites are a portion of the highlights it tends to utilizing the incorporated tools in most effective way.

Magento 2 uses few advanced techniques to speed up the development and decouple the code as much as possible. The most important one is Dependency Injection. Basically in the constructor of your class you specify which objects you need and Magento 2 will give them to you. This helps a lot when creating unit tests with marketplace made a great deal of merriment around its enlargement from the principal variant.

Magento Features & Support

  • Improvement of Hosting Environment
  • Administrative Improvements
  • Improved Product Creation
  • Improved Data View and Filtering
  • Admin Navigation Improvements
  • Data Safeguards
  • Product Videos
  • Efficient extended compatibility
  • Easy Magento 2 upgrading system
  • Scalable Infrastructure
  • Improved user experience and store management
  • Simplified Checkout Process
  • Performance Improvements
  • Ajax Cart
  • Cache
  • PHP 7
  • Uses a lot of Namespaces and interfaces.
  • New concepts like Repository, UiComponent, Proxy and Plugin to the mix.

The features and specification of this magento 2.x version are more advanced than Magento 1.x. New file structure, optimized performance, improved flexibility, jQuery library and addition of new inbuilt technologies are major highlights of Magento 2. Modifying containers and blocks in Magento 2 is a cheesecake with Visual Design Editor.

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